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Cannabis MasterClasses for Beginners & Connoisseurs

An expansive library of educational and empowering videos for an affordable price helps remove financial barriers to the plant’s knowledge, wisdom, and application. Broken down in a format of:







We believe

We believe if people have an expanded relationship with cannabis they will be in better touch with themselves. If people are in better touch with themselves, they will be in better touch with the world around them.

Questions we'll answer

How do I become a connoisseur?

How do you hold space for someone when they are high?

How does cannabis make you feel?

What are Terpenes?

How can you use cannabis to promote creativity?

How do you determine if cannabis is quality?

How has Cannabis been used for thousands of years?

How is Cannabis a Master Plant Medicine?

What are the negative effects of Cannabis?

CashoM means – Stewardship and Service of Cannabis. 

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Master Cannabis Classes

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