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Cannabis Certifications for the Coach & Wellness Professional

Become a Certified Steward of Cannabis

Teach your clients how to optimize their life with cannabis.

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Become a Certified Server of Cannabis
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Learn to guide peoples' purchases beyond pleasure, pain management, and sleep aid.

Coaching to Empower Your Relationship with Cannabis

Personalized cannabis coaching for anyone who wants to unlock their potential through cannabis consumption.

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Become a Certified Steward of Cannabis

Having the tools to consume cannabis with knowledge and awareness will unlock potential in you and your clients. Be an innovator in your field to grow your business. Alongside your company's offerings teach your clients how they can optimize their life with cannabis.

This course gives you a Cannabis Stewardship Certificate by CashoM so you can be a cannabis guide. It's good for cannabis professionals, yoga teachers, life coaches, entrepreneurs, body workers, event producers, hospitality professionals, and therapists who want to use cannabis as a tool.

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Become a Certified Server of Cannabis

CashoM's body of work goes beyond the other schools. We educate cannabis industry professionals on product knowledge and customer engagement so you can instruct people's purchases beyond the principle of pleasure, pain management, and sleep aid.

Gain the skills to advance your career, connect with customers in a way that will truly empower them, and build a better relationship with cannabis that will benefit your life and employment opportunities.

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Coaching to Empower your Relationship with Cannabis

Integrate the Plant's Full Potential into your Business or Calling. People often limit their goals if they don't have an understanding of the potential the cannabis plant offers. Through personalized coaching, Philip Wolf will share the guidance needed to bring the next generation of cannabis consumption into your business and life.

This exclusive coaching is for executives, business owners in the cannabis industry, or people who want to empower and elevate their consumption of cannabis.

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CashoM Founder Philip Wolf has served over 3,500 cannabis consumers in facilitated settings and has been featured in:

Become a CashoM

A CashoM is a certified Server and Steward of Cannabis that comes from a philosophical lens. If you wish to take your knowledge and wisdom beyond the Cannabis Server Certification Course, you can become a CashoM by taking the Cannabis Stewardship, Cannabis Philosophy, and Mentorship Courses.

We Believe

We believe if people have an expanded relationship with cannabis they will be in better touch with themselves.
Cannabis is a beautiful plant that has been a sacrament for thousands of years. In recent times its use has been limited for the sake of pleasure, sleep aid, and pain management.
Now, it's coming to a new modern level to be consumed to optimize people's lives through the lens it provides when consuming. Lead by CashoM. We would be honored to have you join this movement.
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